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Frequently Asked Questions

3.    Which OUI program offers a Faculty Exchange Program
Presently, OBW is the only program that offers an opportunity for faculty exchange. Interested faculty members should contact Prof. David Darby, OBW Academic Director.

4.    How are the OUI programs promoted?
Promotional materials are sent out by the OUI Program Office to the International Offices in early fall. These promotional packages include posters and flyers about each individual OUI program. Electronic versions are also sent to the international offices. If you have not seen these documents, please contact the International Office of your home institution. Further information can be obtained through information sessions and International Fairs hosted by your home institution.

Every fall, the Academic Directors promote the programs by giving information sessions at the partner universities in Ontario. They can be contacted directly to arrange these sessions. The dates and location of the presentations will be posted on the respective OUI program websites.

5.    What are the Application Information booklets for?
Every fall, the OUI Program Office requests information about each Ontario institution. This information is compiled in an Application Information Brochure made available to students and partner institutions in Germany, China, India and France. It provides useful information about our Ontario partner universities, deadlines, quotas, contact persons, program restrictions, accommodation, etc. It is important to receive updated information from your office, so that we may include it in the newest booklet.

6.    What are the semester dates in the host countries*?

  • Germany:

Term 1: mid-October to end-February** (free language course in September for full-year and Term 1 students)
Term 2: mid-April to end-July (free language course in March for Term 2 students)*
    **Mannheim starts one month earlier

The official semester runs from October 1 until March 31 (Wintersemester) and April 1 until September 30 (Sommersemester).

  • China:

Term 1: early September to mid-January
Term 2: late February to mid-July

Arrangements can be made to complete evaluations early if Ontario students need to return for the start of term at their home university or a co-op work term.

  • India:

Semester dates may differ widely from university to university. Term 1 is usually from June/July to October/November and from January to May. For updated information please check the university's website or contact Sukeshi Kamra, OIN Academic Director.

  • France:

Term 1:  end-September to end-January (including exam period)
Term 2:  end-January/mid-February to end-June (including exam period)

* For exact start and end dates of classes please contact the respective university.

7.    How do students apply?
The application form can be downloaded from the respective program websites. Students submit the completed application form and the supporting documents to the International Office of their home university, including a pdf scan of the complete application. The International Office then nominates a number of applicants and forwards only those applications by the program specific deadlines to the OUI office. Application deadlines can be found under question 8.

For more information please click here.

In order to ensure fast processing of the applications we ask that you ensure that all applications be complete and forwarded to the Program Office on time.

8.    What are the deadlines for the OUI programs?

Deadline by which international offices must submit their nominations to OUI:

OBW Faculty Exchange November 1
OBW Summer Research Program (SRP) December 15    
OBW, OJS, OIN and ORA regular programs January 31
OJS and ORA Summer Research Programs January 31
OIN Short Term Study Program (SSP) January 31
OBW and ORA Summer Language Programs March 1
OIN Study India Program March 1
OJS Summer Programs (other than SRP) March 1








Students in the regular programs are placed by the Academic Directors in February/March. This is sometimes done in the host country. During this time, the Academic Director may need to get in touch with you to discuss specific placements.

Once students are placed you will be informed about the placements by email. An acceptance letter from the program in question will be sent to the students as well. It is important that students understand that only the admission letter from the host university constitutes the official acceptance to the program and only then can they start the formalities, visa application etc.

9.    Requirements of the host institution
Once students have been placed, their OUI application and supporting documents will be forwarded by the Program Office to the host institution. The host university will then contact the student or the International Office of the student’s home university directly regarding any additional requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the host institution receives all the required documents by their deadline. Most host universities will ask the students to complete an additional application form for the university in question.

10.    Orientations for outgoing and incoming students
We offer two orientations, one in mid-May for the outgoing Ontario students (2 days, usually Friday and Saturday) and one at the end of August for incoming students (3 days, during the week). The orientations are not mandatory but we strongly recommend that students attend. Both orientations take place in Toronto. More information will be available on the program websites closer to the dates.  Students will also receive information directly from the Program Office.

11.    Are students automatically eligible for an OUI scholarship?
Most students participating in the OUI programs are eligible to receive the OUI scholarship. However, the following exceptions apply:

  • If a student is not eligible for other reasons (e.g. the student receives an internal scholarship for the exchange, which makes him/her ineligible under his/her university’s rules);
  • If a program receives too many applicants the director may decide to accept some students without a scholarship. If this situation were to occur, the director would seek advice from the responsible person at the International Office.
  • If a student is enrolled as an International Student (only Canadian residents and permanent citizens are eligible).

12.    What are the amounts of OUI scholarships*?

OBW, OIN, OJS and ORA regular exchange $2,500/$3,500 (one term/two terms)
OBW Summer Research Program (SRP) $2,600 or $3,500 (2 or 3 months)
OIN Short Term Study Program (SSP) $3,000
OJS Summer Research Program (SRP) $2,500 (3 months)
ORA Summer Research Program (SRP) $1,500 (3 months) + funding from the French host institution
OBW and ORA Summer Language Program (IBH and SLP) $1,000
OIN Study India Program (SIP) $2,000
OJS Summer Programs (other than SRP) $2,000
OBW Faculty Exchange $1,750/month plus possible reimbursements

*Please confirm with the Program Office or Academic Director to ensure there have been no changes in the amounts.

Scholarships are paid out once students have started their studies abroad.

13.    Where can I find information on courses and credits for my students?
Course information can be found on the partner universities’ web pages. Please follow the links on the Administrators web site under the heading Information on study areas offered at our partner institutions.
Students may also contact the Academic Directors for more information about course offerings.

14.    Getting credits for courses
It is the student’s responsibility to arrange for credit transfer upon completion of their stay abroad. The student should contact both home and host departments and international offices to ensure that the required documentation is available for credit transfer.

15.    Where do I send the transcripts of an incoming student to?
Transcripts should be sent directly to the student and/or the International Office of the student’s home institution. The OUI Program Office does not keep copies of transcripts and is not involved in the transcript transfer process. You can find the contact person at the respective International Office here.

16.    To whom will transcripts be issued at the end of the exchange period?
The host institution will send the transcripts either to the student or the International Office directly. Enquiries about transcripts should be directed to the International Office of the host university. The right contact person can be found here.


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