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This page is designed to serve as a communication and information platform for colleagues in the International Offices in Ontario, Baden-Württemberg, Jiangsu, Maharashtra/Goa/New Delhi, and Rhône-Alpes. It provides answers to most frequently asked questions, contact information for universities in the partner regions as well as links to study areas offered in the partner regions.

Frequently Asked Questions (for Ontario administrators)

1.   What is OUI?
Ontario Universities International (OUI) is a consortium of Ontario universities participating in four provincial student exchange programs: Ontario/Baden-Württemberg Student Exchange Program (OBW), Ontario/Jiangsu Student Exchange Program (OJS), Ontario-India Student Exchange Program* (OIN) and Ontario/Rhône-Alpes Student Exchange Program (ORA).

* Formerly the Ontario/Maharashtra Goa (OMG) Student Exchange Program

2.   Where can interested students find information about OUI programs?
Students can refer to the following program websites:

For OBW please go to: obw.ouinternational.ca
For OIN please go to: oin.ouinternational.ca
For OJS please go to: ojs.ouinternational.ca
For ORA please go to: ora.ouinternational.ca

The Academic Directors of all four programs hold information sessions in the fall of each year. If you wish to arrange an information session, please get in touch with the respective Academic Director:

OBW: Dr. David Darby
OIN: Dr. Sukeshi Kamra
OJS:  Mr. Ron Champion
ORA:  Dr. Rosanna Furgiuele

Students are welcomed to contact the OUI Program Office regarding administrative aspects of the programs. For academic advice, they should contact the Academic Director.

For more questions please click here.

Contact information for universities in the partner regions:

Contact Information for Ontario

Contact Information for Baden-Württemberg

Contact Information for India

Contact Information for Jiangsu

Contact Information for Rhône-Alpes

Information on study areas offered at institutions in the partner regions:







OUI Office
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Program Administrator
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