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If you are a student interested in finding out more about any of our student exchange programs (OBW , OJS, OIN or ORA) please visit our student websites by clicking the appropriate name in the box on the right.  If you still have unanswered questions, you will find our contact information under Contact Us

Before you move on, we encourage you to read the testimonials below from students who have participated in our student exchange program in the past.


"I would like to thank the ORA program for giving me this incredible opportunity. As I sit here and write this report I keep going through in my mind all the things I lived during my year on exchange and it almost seems like a dream. I came back to Ottawa, to my friends, to my life before France and I know I am not the same person. I have grown, I have shared, I have travelled, I have laughed , I have loved all while being in an amazing country with amazing friends. I know this isn’t the end of my travels, exchange has forever changed me and I cannot wait to see where life takes me!"

Fabiola from Carleton University to Grenoble 2

Jeffrey Cheng"I participated with the Ontario/Jiangsu Exchange program from September to December. I was enrolled at the School of Architecture, Nanjing University, and pursued independent research towards my Masters of Architecture thesis project.

The flexibility of the exchange program was key to my academic success in China. Although registered in Nanjing, I based myself 1.5 hours away in the city of Suzhou, the location of my thesis site. New friendships and links were forged within the community that will further support the thesis work, and beyond. I am thankful to the people of Ontario and the Ontario-Jiangsu Exchange for the opportunity it afforded me. It unquestionably raised the responsiveness and responsibility of my thesis to the people it is designed to serve. I plan to return to Jiangsu in May for follow-up research."

Jeffrey from the University of Waterloo to Nanjing University


"I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity through the Ontario/Maharashtra-Goa Exchange Program to spend a year studying at the College of Engineering, Pune, India; it was a life-changing experience that expanded my horizons scholastically and culturally.  Apart from allowing students from each country to travel abroad and under-go personal growth while meeting new people, learning about foreign cultures, and having new experiences, the OIN Program is also successful in promoting understanding and collaboration on a global level through Indo-Canadian relations." 

Anne from Queen’s University to College of Engineering, Pune

 "The world has become a global village, and by having the opportunity to study in another country and learn another language, make friendships with people from all around the world and attend a foreign University for 1 year which compliments your academic studies in Canada it is something that is becoming a necessity.

Studying in Germany at the University of Konstanz has really enriched my University Experience as a whole. By studying at one of the most prestigious and well respected Universities in Germany, I have learned what it’s like to be a student of the world, and have gained so many transferable academic skills."

Nicole from McMaster University to Universität Konstanz